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A spirit drink is obtained by distillation (extraction of an alcoholic solution from a raw material) and the alcohol level of which is a minimum of 15%. A distinction is made between "simple" spirits (spirits whose taste comes directlyfrom the distillation process) and "compound" spirits (whose taste comes from substances added to the spirits). Some spirits can be aged in barrels to add more aromatic complexity (wisky, rum, etc.).

PlugwinePro offers a wide range of spirits: rum, gin, wisky, vodka, cognac, ... find the best spirits and the biggest brands!

Special features of Spirits

Spirits and their diversity: whisky, single malt, blended malt, vodka, gin, tequila, rum, cognac, armagnac, calvados, they sharpen the senses and amuse the mind. With their essences and aromas, they excite the mouth and nose and inspire us to travel and share precious moments. On Plugwinepro, you will find a wide selection of France from Ireland, Scotland, Japan, the West Indies, Russia and elsewhere, backed by a product file and within easy reach of a 48-hour delivery

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