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Today 2nd in the world for wine production, France has more than 786,000 hectaresof vines planted in fifteen regions: Champagne, Alsace, Burgundy, Loire, Jura, Savoie-Bugey, Beaujolais, Bordeaux, Sud-Ouest , Rhône, Languedoc-Roussillon andProvence-Corse.

With a great heterogeneity, the plurality of soils andclimates offers a remarkable mosaic of terroirs, each of which has its own identity nature. From one region to another, the classification of appellations and wines differs, as does the cultivation method and the production processes of the grape. The French vineyard is constantly evolving and developing to constantly adapt to new market influences.

7 appellations available 68 wines
The Alsace region is world famous for its production of exceptional white wines. Located between the Rhine and the Vosges, the wine history of this region is inspired by both France and Germ...
12 appellations available 120 wines
Contrary to popular belief, the Beaujolais appellations offer complex wines suitable for aging. Of which the 10 vintages are located in the northern part of Beaujolais. Every third Thursday ...
30 appellations available 370 wines
Bordeaux is the cradle of the greatest red wines in history, but also the largestAOC vineyard in the world with 60 appellations! In 1855, on the occasion of the Universal Exhibition in Paris...
50 appellations available 156 wines
Bourgogne is THE region of exceptional terroirs. It is one of the most fragmentedand diverse vineyards, it breaks down into terroirs, then into climates and sub-climates. There are 6 sub-re...
4 appellations available 152 wines
Champagne is the most sparkling of the French regions. On this enchanting terroirlabeled HVE (High Environmental Value), the winemakers produce treasures of wealth under three appellations: ...
2 appellations available 2 wines
The Cognac-Charente region alone has two emblematic French appellations: Pineau-des-Charentes (liqueur wine) and Cognac (wine eaux-de-vie). Pineau-des-Charentes is a liqueur made exclusivel...
4 appellations available 9 wines
The Jura is a region of authenticity and tradition where the culture of the vine has been present for centuries on hillsides between 250 and 400 meters above sea level. The region offers a w...
39 appellations available 415 wines
Languedoc-Roussillon is the largest vineyard in France with 228,000 hectares of vines planted. Following the Second World War, the French wine industry was at its worst and Languedoc, whose ...
30 appellations available 233 wines
From Muscadet to Saint-Pourçain, the wine history of the Loire Valley is written over 1000 km on the banks of the longest river in France: the Loire. It covers 86 AOCs in 5 sub-regions: the ...
18 appellations available 203 wines
In Provence as in Corsica, the vines stretch between sea and mountains, continuously shaped by the breath of the Mistral and the constant sunshine. It is one of the oldest vineyards in exist...
24 appellations available 334 wines
From north to south, the Rhône Valley offers a magnificent wine-growing landscape with vines planted on terraces on steep slopes, on the banks of the Rhône river. The region is itself divide...
1 appellations available 3 wines
From Lake Geneva to the south of Chambéry, Savoie and Bugey are two neighboring vineyards separated by the Rhône river. The Savoie-Bugey region produces a large majority of lively and light ...
18 appellations available 125 wines
The South West enjoys a vineyard that is most diverse in grape varieties. Of the 300 varieties planted, 120 are indigenous. The vines are scattered in 29 AOCs, from the Atlantic to the gatew...

French wine regions

There are two main areas. Northern wines have less alcohol and more acidity, due to the cooler climate. The South of France, with its warm and sunny climate, produces more alcoholic, less acidic wines, with more powerful structures and pronounced aromas. A majority of the regions covering an area of more than 835,000 hectares give wine. Many climates, due to the altitude, and oceanic or Mediterranean influences give each vineyard conditions that are always renewed. The nature of the soils is very heterogeneous. Each region has its own geological structure. The grape varieties that go into the composition of a bottle of French wine are mentioned in our pages. Magnificent landscapes, big names in wines, exceptional terroirs and many wines classified according to the region where the grapes are grown in PDO / AOC (controlled designation of origin). The PDO / AOC identifies both the type of vine and wine produced, as well as the production methods.

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